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Texto hindú

The Lake questions Yudhistira:

"- What is quicker than the wind?
- Thought.

- What can cover the earth?
- Darkness.

- Who are more numerous: the living or the dead?
- The living because the dead are no longer.

- Give me an example of grief.
- Ignorance.

- Of poison.
- Desire.

- An example of defeat.
- Victory.

- Which came first: day or night?
- Day but it was only a day ahead.

- What is the cause of the world?
- Love.

- What is your opposite?
- Myself.

- What is madness?
- A forgotten way.

- And why do men revolt?
- To find beauty, either in life or in death.

- And what for each of us is inevitable?
- Happiness.

- And what is the greatest wonder?
- Each day death strives and we live as if we were imortal. This is the greatest wonder.

- Who are you?
- I am dharma your father. I am constancy, rightness, the index of the world.

- You've taken the form of a lake?
- I am all forms."

in Mahabharata

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